Atlantic Riders

Surfing in Portugal with Atlantic Riders, experience the true surfing spirit in an action packed pure vacation. Make sure you get into the water with us this year!

Portugal and the Algarve offers a big variety of waves on reefs, beach breaks and point breaks. Stronger and bigger surf usually shows up outside the summer season, although summer has its classic periods that will leave a long lasting impression. The beginners safely surf in front of the beach, advanced surfers in the line-up.

Algarve Watersport, kitesurf, surf and wakeboard school

The south west tip of Portugal offer unique conditions for all kinds of watersport and outdoor activities. No other place in Europe allows regularly surfing great waves in the morning and kiting steady wind in the afternoon. If it is flat and calm the water is perfect for wakeboarding.

The Algarve
¤ 300 days of sun per year
¤ few days with less than 15° water temperature in wintertime
¤ untapped nature
¤ beautiful towns with great party scene and rual villages

The Surf conditions
¤ consistent all year Atlantic swells
¤ lots of different beach and reef breaks
¤ huge swell window at south and westcoast
¤ wind protected surf spots

The Kite conditions
¤ steady thermal wind in the summer
¤ shallow lagoons perfect for learning and freestyle
¤ flat, warm water on the southcoast
¤ west coast waves with side shore wind for wave kiting
¤ no crowds

Algarve-Watersport School
We offer top quality courses, daytrips and rentals for Surfing, Kiteboarding and Wakeboarding. If you stay somewhere at the Algarve between Lagos and Albufeira and would like to be picked up for a surf-trip to the West-Coast, catch big-air with a wakeboard in front of meia praia or would like to get into kitesurfing, the fastest growing watersport of the millennium... we are specialized in boardsport on water and we will pick you up anywhere from Albufeira to Sagres.

Raposeira Kite Camp

Raposeira Kite Camp is located in the tranquil village of Raposeira, between Algarve’s South and West Coast and the town resorts of Sagres and Lagos. It is the perfect location to get easy access to the best surf on any of the two coasts and enjoy the night life of Sagres and Lagos after a day at the beach. Nice Surfhouse with comfortable guestrooms, lounge and terrace with barbecue for parties!
The camp offers both surf and kitesurf packages including accommodation and courses for all levels.

Visit the caves in Lagos: Ponta da Piedade

Ponta Da Piedade in Lagos is the name for the eroded into natural tunnels, arches and grottoes. The cliffs at Ponte da Piedade 3 km from Lagos offer a marine fantasy world for people visiting the region. Best visit with a kayak trip or boat tour.

Cape Saint Vincent: the most westerly point of Europe.

This is the furthest west you can reach in the Algarve. The cliffs are spectacular and surmounted by a stark Red and White lighthouse. Entry is permitted to the grounds and sometimes into the lighthouse. Built in 1846, the Sao Vicente lighthouse is the most powerful in Portugal. The lighthouse keepers are part of the Portuguese Marine Corps and the Cape is busy with ships passing between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic which pass close to the shore